Investor Relations

Business Strategies & Future Plans

  1. Expand sales network in the PRC
    • The Group believes there is high demand for our products in the PRC, due to the quality of our products and the competitive prices we offer

  2. Upgrade machinery and equipment and acquire new technology
    • To increase productivity and achieve cost efficiency, as well as increase existing capability
    • To replace aging machinery with new machinery including advanced and automated woodworking machinery and robotic spraying arms

  3. Construction of additional facilities
    • To enhance manufacturing and service capacity and capability by possibly acquiring new premises
    • A new hostel to house all our foreign workers which will be built upon approximately 1.9 acres of land (within walking distance from our factories)

  4. Explore investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and/or strategic collaborations
    • Strengthen competitive advantage by enhancing our core capabilities and giving us access to new markets, customers and businesses.